7-months-old baby dies after getting trapped between mother’s bed and his cot

An inquest into the death of 7-months-old Jermaine Harris, revealed how the baby boy was found dead after getting trapped between his mother’s bed and his cot on February 13, 2019.


Ms Harris had woken at 6am and taken Jermaine out of his cot to feed him from a bottle. She however went out to receive a call shortly after, but returned not to find him. The baby boy was later found dead, wedged in a small gap between the bed and cot.


Detectives concluded in their investigation that Jermaine had wriggled and rolled on the bed, before he fell between the cot and the bed. The spot he fell in left him unable to “cry out to alert his mother as he stopped breathing… the death of Jermaine Harris was a tragic accident” detectives added. 


7-months-old baby dies after getting trapped between mother


A post-mortem carried out on the baby by consultant paediatric pathologist Dr Andrea Marnerides, revealed “no suspicious findings” and “no evidence of injury”.  Explaining how the incident ocurred, Ms. Harris who repeatedly sobbed and said  “I’m so sorry”, told the court;


“I went to make a cup of coffee. I sat back in the seat for a couple of minutes and fell asleep.

“The phone was ringing. It was my friend Julie. I had my phone in my hand as I spoke to her. I went to the toilet and then went to the bed. I pulled the quilt off where I believed Jermain was. He wasn’t there.”

“I’ve got nothing to live for. I’ve had my days. It’s not the same now. That little boy was my own life” she added.


7-months-old baby dies after getting trapped between mother


Advising other parents, Ms Harris said;


Don’t leave them in your bed – ever. I thought he was safe in my bed.

“Never, never ever do it. I’d done it will my kids when they were poorly. It was only me and Jermaine at my flat.

“If by sharing my story, if I can save a child’s life or save them from injury, then it’s worth telling it. I can’t change the past, but I hope I can save someone’s future.”



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